Are Home prices going to Drop in Winnipeg in 2024

Are Home prices going to Drop in Winnipeg in 2024

Are Winnipeg home prices going to drop in 2024?

Remax Canada projects that in 2024 the average sale price for homes in Winnipeg is expected to remain constant. That means entry level home prices between $350K - $500K

The Remax Canada 2024 Winnipeg Housing Market Outlook explains that Winnipeg market is expected to remain balanced throughout the year. 

Here’s that they said:

The average sale price in the Winnipeg housing market has decreased by four per cent between 2022 and 2023 (from $419,596 in 2022 to $402,956 in 2023), while the number of sales has decreased by 14 per cent (from 6,979 in 2022 to 6,002 in 2023). The region is currently a balanced market, a condition that is anticipated to remain the same in 2024. Average residential sale price is expected to remain unchanged 2024, meanwhile consumer confidence is expected to increase throughout the course of the year, as such, the number of sales is anticipated to increase by three per cent.

Winnipeg price trends between 2022-2024

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